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Rest in peace Daisuke Satō. The talented author succumbed to heart disease late last month, extinguishing any hopes that Highschool of the Dead season two will ever see the light of day. In his honour I decided to watch Triage X, an anime based on a manga created by the artist who illustrated the zombie comic Satō is best known for. At a glance the similarities between the two shows is immediately obvious, as they both feature a cast of well-endowed ladies. I am informed that Shōji Satō’s erotic art style was honed in the hentai industry. Hen… tie? Sorry, I am confused. What does poultry wearing neck garments have to do with large breasts?


Dr Masamune Mochizuki strives to save lives on two fronts. Not only is he the chairman of Mochizuki General Hospital, but he also leads a team of vigilantes that battle against murderers, drug dealers and other undesirables. The Black Label group, which is comprised of patients who owe their lives to Mochizuki, include a superhuman nurse, a sword wielding doctor and a pop idol who also happens to be an explosives expert. High school student Arashi Mikami is another of Black Label’s members, having pledged loyalty to the team after Mochizuki saved him from death by performing a limb and heart transplant. Deceased childhood friend Ryu Mochizuki, who donated said organs faster than you can say Tokyo Ghoul, follows Arashi on his missions in the form of a ghost.

Fellow teen Mikoto Kiba is the badass biker who ferries Arashi into battle atop her high-speed motorcycle. Normally calm and composed, Mikoto goes weak at the knees whenever the subject of romance with Arashi surfaces. She isn’t bashful about exposing herself to him in the showers though! Weird. Anyways, this DVD collection sees Black Label protect their hometown from a pyromaniac who is taking the law into her own hands, costumed kidnappers that are holding an entire TV studio hostage and narcotic traffickers who are smuggling dangerous stimulants. It’s stressful work, but thankfully in between assignments Black Label get to unwind in a communal bath. During these watery segments viewers get to admire the fleshy flotation devices affixed to each female’s chest.


Boobs and guns. Do those three words sound cool or revolting? The answer to that question will pretty much determine whether Triage X is something worth your viewing time. My rating for the series is a three out of five. Triage X isn’t going to win any storytelling awards, but in the same way that some people enjoy schlocky B-Movies I had fun watching this series. Anyone who appreciates over the top fights and bike chases will be well served by Triage X. The character designs will appeal to Highschool of the Dead fans, but it’s doubtful that anyone will get off on the gratuitous eye candy as the mammary proportions are ridiculously exaggerated. Then again what do I know? Elizabeth Starr is popular in some circles after all (warning don’t image search her at work.)

I can’t award Triage X a higher score because the series feels incomplete. Given that the anime is made up of just ten episodes and a single OVA what we get here are a few standalone adventures. The ongoing feud between Black Label, the Yakuza and an organization named Syringe is left open for a possible sequel or more likely to tempt viewers into buying the manga. Whether I choose to indulge in the comic remains to be seen. Although I liked the series the way it revels in violence against women made me uncomfortable at times. Be forewarned that there are scenes were victims are forcefully stripped, beaten, bound and pictured in demeaning poses. These displays of BDSM make me wonder if Shōji Satō is attempting to court a new writing partner to replace the departed Daisuke. Just you wait. I predict that the Fifty Shades reprint will feature his illustrations.

17 thoughts on “Review of Triage X

  1. Based on the promotional video the general tone/style of the series, and the characters, seems vaguely reminiscent of Black Lagoon, though I’d wager BL has a little more meaning behind its misadventures. Still, the chaotic fights and the way some characters seem to enjoy it definitely reminds me of Revy.

    • This show has some whacky characters, like Black Lagoon, but yeah BL has more substance. If you want to check out a series that feels similar to Black Lagoon I would recommend Jormungand. Triage X is more similar to Highschool of the Dead, although the fanservice here is more mean spirited whilst HOTS uses the eye candy for laughs.

  2. I was never a fan of black lagoon style anime but I found myself enjoying TRIAGE X, It is an average ecchi anime, nothing more nothing less. Like all, it fails in the story department but does work where it meant to be work.

    • Some ecchi shows are awful and shallow, but I found Triage X to be watchable. Shame that there aren’t more episodes because the series leaves you hanging after setting up the characters and enemies.

  3. This is probably the most positive review I’ve read of this title – everyone else went 2 stars or lower. Then again, not everyone is a huge perv like you! 😛

  4. I started watching this on CR the season it was simulcast, didn’t make it past the 3rd episode in favor of some other better series that season. I did pick up the blu-ray, hoping to finish it up eventually.

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