Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming


After a hat trick of subpar Spider-Man flicks New York’s favourite wall crawler returns with a reboot that successfully revitalizes the franchise. Sony’s partnership with Marvel Studios is sure to make some serious bank at the box office. Let’s hope that the alliance doesn’t come to an end with the release of Homecoming’s sequel. Prior to watching the movie I was concerned by how heavily Tony Stark featured in the trailers. Was the marketing team using Robert Downey JR’s wit to prop up another uncharismatic Peter Parker? Nope. Tom Holland nailed the role and is by far the best live action Peter Parker yet.


Viewers will be relieved to learn that Homecoming isn’t another rehash of Spider-Man’s origin. When the movie begins Spider-Man is already an established costumed crime fighter, who is on the cusp of securing a place on the Avengers team. His adversary, in this 133-minute feature, is a chap named Adrian Toomes (better known to comic fans as Vulture). Early scenes reveal that Toomes developed a flying suit by repurposing the alien tech left behind on Earth by the invaders who appeared in Avengers Assemble. Michael Keaton plays the chief antagonist. Birdman and now Vulture – Hollywood has seemingly typecast him as an airborne talent for superhero movies.

The majority of Homecoming’s story revolves around the Spider-Man versus Vulture feud. Can the masked protector of Queens stop Toomes from arming local hoodlums with extra-terrestrial weaponry? It’s a tough ask for anyone, let alone a rookie vigilante who has many personal commitments to juggle. Compete in a national quiz. Find a date for the homecoming dance. Help a bud with constructing a Lego Death Star. Peter has a packed itinerary, along with the added headache of keeping his superhero persona hidden from the gorgeous Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei.) What a beauty. Her husband Uncle Ben is one lucky guy… well apart from the whole getting murdered thing.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a great film that captures the spirit of the classic comics. For better or worse, modern Marvel books also influence the movie when it comes to the subject of diversity. Every student in Peter’s school seems to come from a unique ethnic background. Parker’s love interest is black, his best friend is Hawaiian and Peter’s decathlon team includes an Asian. I’m not too bothered by the cultural variety, but it is worth mentioning. Right now Marvel is haemorrhaging readers in response to the company changing the gender/race of popular characters. If that sort of thing bothers you be forewarned that All-American meathead Flash Thompson is now a poindexter of Guatemalan descent. See what happens when you don’t build a wall?


My rating for Spider-Man: Homecoming is a four and a half out of five. On the web-head totem pole, Homecoming is right up there with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. It’s great to finally see Spidey portrayed by someone who gets both sides of the character. Tom Holland has no problem rattling off funny quips in the spandex, whilst also giving off the air of an uncomfortable nerd when out of costume. When it comes to visual effects Homecoming is easily the best looking of all the Spider-Man films. The action sequences are jaw dropping and even small details like the design of the suit impressed me. I think the expressive eyepieces are a nice touch. Thanks to them Spider-Man can emote without the need to unmask every few seconds (cough, Tobey Maguire, cough).

Usually I would conclude a Marvel cinematic review by lambasting the weak villain, but not so on this occasion. Unlike other MCU antagonists, Adrian Toomes is a well fleshed out character. In a similar vein to Dr Octopus and Sandman I can sympathize with his actions. Toomes isn’t motivated by greed; he just wants to provide for his family and employees. Dabbling in the underworld does however turn him into an intimidating crime boss who, when push comes to shove, will cross the line to safeguard his interests. The sad thing is that Toomes would have never gone down the illegal path had bureaucrats not ruined his company. All this could have been avoided had the government allowed Vulture to “carrion” doing business.

26 thoughts on “Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

  1. I seem to be in a minority on this but I really didn’t like it and thought it was pretty dull in parts and yet another unnecessary reboot. I’d only give it 2/5!

    • If the studio hadn’t meddled with Spider-Man 3 all these reboots probably wouldn’t be necessary. Sony needs to churn out Spider-Man movies every few years to keep the character rights. If a release under performs they panic and start things anew to boost the box office of the next flick.

  2. So you enjoyed it then? πŸ˜‰

    As I said in my review I think Tony Stark came across more as the proxy-father figure Peter never had rather than the overbearing presence people have suggested, although putting him all over the posters was a bit of a misfire in my opinion.

    • Tony in the role of mentor works. I like how it makes him realize what his own dad went through with him. His role in the film was limited though, so I agree that having his face on the poster and Iron Man on the cover art is excessive.

  3. I didn’t even realize this had come out! It sounds interesting. I rather like the way SpiderMan keeps getting rebooted. It gives the opportunity to tell a fresh story every time…though they do tend to focus too heavily on the origen story. I’m glad to hear this one isn’t like that.

    To be honest, the best SpiderMan for me will always be the animated version from The Amazing Spiderman. There’s really no one else. πŸ˜€

    Also, I shared the β€œReal Neat Blog Award” with you. You can see it here: . If you don’t like to accept blog awards and such, no worries though. πŸ™‚

    • I think the movie premiered in the US on Friday 7th July, but it came out in the UK a few days earlier. The Spider-Man cartoons are awesome. My fave series was the nineties one. Spectacular Spider-Man was cool too and who can forget the theme song of the sixties animated show?

      Thank you very much for the nomination. I try to only post reviews on this blog so I’ll answer the questions directly on your site later or tomorrow.

      • Yes, I love that theme song too. I used to sing it all the time when I was a kid. I think I thought I was Spidergirl for awhile. πŸ˜€

        Looking forward to your answers!

  4. I’ve been fearful of this movie. I really love the spider-man character, and wasn’t sure I could take another bad film. Glad to hear I won’t need to worry about that!

    • The last few Sony made Spider-Man films weren’t great, but thankfully their deal with Marvel Studios has bucked the trend. Let’s hope they extend the arrangement. It’s a bit messy though because Marvel is handling Spidey whilst Sony are doing their own thing with characters like Venom.

    • The actor is young and Marvel Studio movies tend to be consistently good so there shouldn’t be a need for another reboot anytime soon. All that could change though if after two films Sony decide not to allow Marvel to make more sequels.

  5. Sounds like a pretty decent Spidey movie. My track record with reactions has been: Raimi 1: Really good Raimi 2: Eh. Ok. Raimi 3: What the hell did I just watch? New Spidey 1: Really good. New Spidey 2: Nooooooooo.

    From the sound of it I’ll probably enjoy this though, whenever I get around to seeing it. Nice review!

    • I really enjoyed the first two Raimi movies, but the third one was a mess because they tried to cram too much stuff into it. For me, Amazing Spider-Man was average and I never bothered to watch the sequel. I think you should enjoy Homecoming. It’s the most humorous of the bunch.

  6. This is a great reviwe…. always detailed and well penned…. Keeping in mind your verdict, I might be going to the Movies, I guess πŸ˜‰ have a great weekend, Judge. πŸ™‚

  7. I really enjoyed this movie. I never felt the same affinity for Spider-man as other people. When I was a kid reading comics, he was already a successful grown-up married to a super model. But I love the high school version of him, definitely easier to relate to and cheer for.

    This movie also feels surprisingly light on its feet. There were so many things it had to juggle: re-establishing the hero, a fleshing out the villain, having Tony Stark and connecting to the MCU, the high school element… it could’ve been a disaster.

  8. I find your writing/reviews entertaining in their own right….I love your writing! Additionally, I am a Spider-man fan and was already looking forward to watching the movie (I have a two hour round trip to the closest movie theater (I live in a small border town in New Brunswick, Canada)). I didn’t know anything about it, and I’m thrilled to know Michael Keaton has a key role. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  9. I too loved it and enjoyed how it captured what makes Spidey awesome to fans of it. While this isn’t “everyone’s Spidey” it’s still a great Spidey to me and I look forward to more.

    While I don’t need 3-dimensional villains every single time to enjoy their work I acknowledge Bat-Vulture as one of the Marvel movies’ best.

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