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A horny new god named Steppenwolf has returned from exile and plots to take over the world. Unfortunately for the citizens of Earth, after the events of Batman versus Superman, the Man of Steel is no longer around to save us from peril. In his absence, the responsibility of guarding Earth from invasion falls to DC’s Caped Crusader. His only super power is wealth though, so Bruce Wayne will have to recruit beefier allies to help him fend off the impending alien threat. The group that answers the call are known as the Justice League. For all intents and purposes they are Warner Bros’ version of the Avengers (only not as cool.)


After the convoluted plot of Batman v Superman, Justice League elects to keep things simple. The narrative is a straightforward tale of heroes banding together to stop the villain from collecting three MacGuffins. Steppenwolf is no Lex Luthor, so audiences are spared from schemes that pit protagonists against each other and tricks that dupe rivals into drinking pee. The antagonist of this tale is a generic evil conqueror who looks mean, akin to Thor’s enemy Malekith the Accursed. Justice League might fail to mimic the box office success of Marvel’s motion pictures, but its script does at least replicate the competition’s two-dimensional baddies.

Debutants Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash join Batman and Wonder Woman, who have previously been established in other films. Aquaman reminds me of Drax the Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy). They both look tough, but don’t do much other than make silly remarks and get smacked about by the opposition. Cyborg is the half man, half machine token black guy. His sole purpose in the movie is to hack Steppenwolf’s gizmos. To be fair, overriding extra-terrestrial tech with mechanical appendages is more plausible than Jeff Goldblum uploading a virus. Flash is the unfunny comic relief. His displays of speed lack the creativity found in the X-Men scenes that feature Quicksilver.


My rating for Justice League is a three out of five. An average superhero flick that fails to match the standards set by Marvel Studios. Thank goodness that I didn’t pay to watch this at the cinema. It’s mediocre and the CG effects lack polish. For fans of spandex crime fighters, I would however say that the DVD is worth a rental, as the action is decent. I also appreciate how Justice League is less serious than its predecessors. The biggest beneficiary of the lighter tone is Superman, who returns near the end. He makes some quips and is finally presented as a beacon of hope. What a relief. In prior movies it was weird to see how the last son of Krypton was grouchier than Batman.

Now that Superman is back (not a spoiler given that he is on the box art) I wonder how he will be handled in future sequels. The biggest issue with Superman is that he is too darn strong. In this movie, for example, the entire Justice League is powerless against Steppenwolf. Superman on the other hand can pwn him without breaking a sweat. Perhaps they can reduce Superman’s strength by cutting his hair. That worked against Samson. First up they can start by shaving his facial hair. It amazes me that digital effects had to be used to hide Henry Cavill’s moustache. How dare you refuse to shave for a role? Who do you think you are? Only Cesar Romero’s Joker can get away with that.

35 thoughts on “Review of Justice League

  1. Cavill was actually contractually obligated to not shave by Paramount for the filming of Mission Impossible 6. You’d think the best solution would be to wait and shoot the needed scenes normally afterwards, but WB had to go ahead with their plan to push this movie out as fast as humanly possible no matter what a mess the production was.

    I don’t really understand how they can be responsible for so many other highly successful franchises, yet have such trouble getting even the basics right with their superhero stuff. Oh well. Maybe they’ll get it right next reboot…

    • I hear that the head honcho of Warner Bros was keen to rush out Justice League so he would get a bonus before moving onto another job. The studio did a good job with the Dark Knight trilogy, but made a mistake in trying to replicate that darker tone with other superheroes. Now they are trying to add jokes, via reshoots, to copy Marvel. A reboot may well be the only answer for this cinematic universe.

    • You’re right about Paramount having the final say about Cavill’s mustache. They could’ve just said ok and had him wear a fake, but it was an impressive display of the middle finger to another studio.

      I thought this was better than BvS but only marginally. The whole problem for the DCEU was that they rushed everything to catch up to Marvel. Should’ve just done their own thing, like how Fox is starting to with the X-verse.

  2. I thought this film was amazing, but I do think it could have been better. Superman should have been a main character from the start and most of the humor was rather forced. It’s certainly a step down from BVS or Man of Steel when it comes to the serious nature of the films. At least the team should be together from the start for the next JL film.

    • Glad that you enjoyed the movie more than I did. Despite my complaints I still gave it three stars, as the action is pretty good. I think the humour would have worked more for me had they cast someone else as The Flash. For whatever reason, I find Ezra Miller really annoying.

  3. I wasn’t really interested and not just because of the glut of superhero movies over the past decade or so. Justice League has tons of potential, but I had a feeling so much would be squandered.

  4. DCEU’s films don’t hold a candle to the MCU but I still enjoy them for what they are. Wonder what will happen now that the WB pushed the pause button and are rethinking their strategy? We’ll see.

    • I don’t think Warner Bros will drop out of the superhero game, but they definitely need rethink how they will proceed going forward. Apparently new people have been appointed to oversee the DCEU. Whatever they decide I hope they take their time and don’t rush things, in an attempt to catch up with Marvel.

      • Yes. Even casual viewers have begun turning their backs on this cinematic universe so they need to rethink their approach. DC’s heroes and villains are awesome and they need to find ways to convince non-comic readers or fans of the animated shows just that.

  5. Well..I skipped this one at the theatres myself as well. I am not a very huge fan of DC in the first place (sorry for me it’s just: Make mine Marvel all the way), but I am growing to appreciate DCa bit more, especially in the comics. I will see this one eventually, having so far seen all of the DC films…but I’m not expecting greatness out of it. And not even a digitally removed moustache will change my mind for that lol 😂😂😂

    • From what I hear, DC are currently doing better than Marvel on the comic front. Now they just need to figure out how to transfer that success to the big screen. Okay that’s all I have to say. I’d like to stay and chat, but I really mustache,

      • Hahaa😂😂😂
        Well…having just seen Black Panther today..I don’t think DC is going to have any luck at that front. Especially not if the quality stays like this. Terrific movie 😊😊

    • Any scene with “CGI hiding Superman’s mustache” are clearly reshoots. A lot of the jokes have a Joss Wehdon feel to them, so those moments were probably filmed after Snyder left. If you watch the trailer attached to this review I also notice that a lot of those clips didn’t make it into the final film.

  6. I was looking forward to this after watching Wonder Woman but this was a letdown when I finally got around to watching it. I felt exhausted watching because it really is just another version of the ‘Avengers (only not as cool.)’ And the villain was meh. Even the jokes and quips were seriously making me cringe.

    • I hear you on the humour. Joss Whedon has his fans, but personally find that his gags miss more than they hit. I’m surprised Warner Bros brought him in after the mixed reception Age of Ultron got. Yeah, the villain wasn’t great. I miss the likes of Bane and Heath Ledger’s Joker.

  7. I didn’t mind The Flash in this one but I do have to agree with Aquaman – what a pointless superhero and in this instance, a pointless character too. Family Guy did a great spoof on this: 😛

    Part of the problem with Snyder, Wheedon et al is that they feel the need to deconstruct the Superhero mythos and try to humanise them instead of leaving it alone and let them be superheroes, which is where Marvel gets it right.

    • I love that Family Guy clip. Hopefully in his solo film Aquaman will be more effective. In this film he was just a punch bag. At times it felt like he was there to soak up damage in place of Wonder Woman. Perhaps they didn’t want Wonder Woman to look weak, as her movie was a hit, so they got Aquaman to eat the pin. Warner Bros may struggle with superheroes but they know wrestling psychology.

  8. I wish this was a good film. I would love to be in a world where the Justice League and the Avengers would be going head to head, competitive, but no. It’s a shame.

    • Competition would be good, as it motivate both sides to be creative. Now that Marvel has got Fox rights and DC is floundering there is a danger of them just churning out safe formulaic films.

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  10. Haha… Completely forgot about this movie. Reading this, I’m not too bothered about forgetting 🙂
    It’s kind of annoying when they make one character super strong and the others characters almost useless. Like why bother having a team, when you can just beat up the bad guys yourself. hehe 🙂
    Great review by the way. It was so funny 🙂

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