Thirty Day Anime Challenge: Days 13 to 17


Earlier this month I was reading Matt Doyle’s excellent blog. He had just completed a Thirty Day Video Game Challenge. That reminded me that I had yet to finish the anime challenge I started way back in July. Oops! I better make some long overdue progress on that by answering a few more questions today. For those of you who only subscribe to this site for reviews, and therefore have no interest in this series, I recommend that you check out these reviews penned by other bloggers instead…

Anime: Sword Art Online (Season Two)
Manga: Black Butler
Movie: Aquaman
Video Game: Pokemon Red/Blue


I pretty much resemble any anime character who is a stereotypical geek. Perhaps you could compare me to a male version of Moriko Morioka, as I stay indoors all day, am terrible with face to face interactions and often play characters of the opposite sex in video games. I once asked a friend what animated personality I remind them of. They said Master Roshi, as I am a bald headed pervert. Can’t argue with that logic!


These days I don’t have enough free time to re-watch shows. Just keeping up with the current season’s anime (and older stuff that I want to check out) is a big enough struggle. Many moons ago however, when I limited my anime viewing to DVDs, I wasn’t averse to watching a series multiple times. One particular box-set that got a lot of mileage was Full Metal Alchemist. No matter how many times I watch FMA it never gets old.


I had to rack my brain to come up with an answer for this one. Generally I am not a fan of mascot characters. You can blame eighties cartoons for that. Back when I was a kid, the cartoons I watched often featured comic relief mascots who were super annoying. Anime critters aren’t all bad though. I recently had fun traveling with Pikachu in Pokemon Let’s Go for example. After much thought I am going to pick Taromaru, the pup from School-Live. He’s very cute and played a big role in the show’s emotional finale.


There were many contenders for this category. Garden of Words has some exceptional visuals, as does anything that has Studio Ghibli’s name attached to it. The last Madoka movie is also worth mentioning, due to a particularly impressive fight sequence. All those nominations however have the benefit of a motion picture budget backing them up. With that in mind my vote goes to Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. Who knew that a TV production could look so amazing? One could say that Ufotable’s artists brought their A-game to the (ufo)table in that series.


I had to think long and hard for this one. Nothing immediately came to mind. Most of my favourite male characters, from the world of anime, are protagonists. Although I suspect a better answer will come to me later, I’m going to go with Akio Furukawa from Clannad. His childish antics make me laugh, as do the scenes were he gives Tomoya a hard time. Akio isn’t a one note comedic character though. During tough times he acts as a second father to Tomoya and is selfless when it comes to his family. This is evidenced by the reveal that he abandoned a career in acting in order to support his daughter. Instead of the stage he now works as a baker. The family business depends on him because his wife hasn’t got a clue when it comes to recipes. Octopus tentacles and bread do not make for a tasty combo.


31 thoughts on “Thirty Day Anime Challenge: Days 13 to 17

  1. Oh god Master Roshi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ On the bright side, Master Roshi has awesome ninja skills so you could take it as a complement πŸ˜€
    Those were some really hard questions, I probably would have struggled to answer some of them too πŸ™‚ You came up with some really good answers. πŸ˜€ I also never tire of Ed’s antics πŸ˜‚

  2. For some reason, this didn’t pop up in WordPress Reader for me. D’oh!
    Thank you kindly for the shout-out! It’s much appreciated.
    Taromaru was an excellent choice. I actually thought he was dealt with better in the anime than the manga, as he was given the chance to have some real imapct rather than having the arc rushed through. FMA is also a great choice as I find that enither version gets old for me either.

    • Both the Full Metal Alchemist shows have their appeal. Brotherhood has the more satisfying ending. It however rushes through the story covered in the original series, so I would argue that the old FMA is better until it catches up with the manga and starts to do its own thing.

      • I remember watching the original and hitting the point where it veers off. At the time, not all the manga was out in the UK,b so I had no idea how different it would end up. I don’t mind the changes in either run though, it’s all entertaining enough to keep me happy.

  3. I can’t say that I’d be able to answer any of these questions if I had done the challenge. I’m stumped thinking about it. Master Roshi is a trendsetter for perverts in anime, as far as I’m concerned so there’s a W in being compared to him in a way. I agree with you on the FMA shoutout, that series will never get old.

  4. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Embarrassingly I do not think that I have ever seen all of Fullmetal Alchemist or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, even some of my brothers saw them, but I know that I saw some of the episodes back when they were on Cartoon Network; back then I was not watching Toonami / Adult Swim consistently and was not usually sure how many episodes a show had or when it was over et cetera since on television they often do not make this clear for shows (especially on those two television blocks).

    I have heard several people like yourself list it as their favorite or among their favorites.

    I have not seen Garden Of Words but another blogger mentioned and recommended it to me last year, that was my first time ever hearing of it maybe, but recently Glass Reflection mentioned it in one of his videos and the animation looked shockingly amazing like maybe the best that I have seen.

    When I saw the video clips in his video I was like:

    Thank you for sharing this post,
    -John Jr

    • You should give Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood another chance, next time you have time to watch anime. There’s a good reason why so many people list it amongst their favourite shows of all time.

      A lot of Shinkai’s stuff looks gorgeous. The pacing of his films won’t be to everyone’s liking though. Most of them don’t have the mainstream appeal of Your Name.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Welcome back.

        I hope to watch both Full Metal Alchemist series all they way through one day, and I hope to see more Shinkai’s works as well.

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr

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    • Everything is good on the personal front. As you may have guessed from by absence, I am done with blogging. Didn’t want to make a big song and dance about it. Maybe someday my batteries will recharge and I will return to reviewing. For now I’d rather spend my limited free time on other hobbies.

      • Yeah, I get that. Blogging is a big commitment, especially together with a job and other commitments and hobbies, and I know how much time and energy it can take up. I wish you all the best in your current pursuits, hope everything goes your way.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        I am glad that things are good for you on the personal front.

        I do hope that you are not really done with blogging.

        I think that official announcements should be made when possibly when someone plans on quitting, retiring, taking a long break, et cetera so that people will know what is going on and so that people can have some closure and that people can at least say goodbye and / or give words of encouragement; too many times have I seen blogs, YouTube channels, websites, et cetera abandoned without warning or reason and I do not like when that happens.

        I can definitely understand wanting to spend more time doing other things, and I can understand sometimes wanting to give up on blogging and / or take a break from it; this has happened to me over the years, but I always came back (even when I deleting all my posts, comments, et cetera) and I would make a post to let people know.

        If you only knew how many times I thought about quitting blogging, how many times I took a break, and how many times I did quit you might be surprised; I even have my own tradition in those situation where I would make a post making an announcement, and it would always have this live performance of Je Suis Floue by Pauline Croze πŸ˜€ :

        Maybe a simpler more streamline blogging approach would help, and opening up your blog where you can post about whatever you want (it does not have to just be reviews, just like my blog is no longer just dreams, I still blog my dreams every day though).

        Good luck with whatever you decide,
        -John Jr

      • and here i am waiting for your new posts , i wish i had seen the comments sooner to know about your blogging status . Im glad thats everything’s good in your personal front . Best of luck with other hobbies and i hope you enjoy them . Even though i didnt know much about anime and stuff , i enjoyed reading your movie reviews and scrolled down towards your last review part in anime series because thats the part i like !(dont think that im saying that rest of your anime blog was boring or something , the thing is i just liked your writing and enjoyed reading the conclusion ).
        I took a blog hiatus for 5 or 6 years (not that i post a lot now , lol . im from PrOcAsTi-Nation, , haha got it ? im bad at puns anyways ) . enjoy your break from blogging and i hope youre doing well


        p.s : i dont know if youll read this sooner or later but it would be nice to get a reply from you

      • Glad to hear that you enjoyed my movie coverage. Film reviews ended up becoming my more popular posts, but as I started life reviewing games/anime I felt the pressure to focus on those topics.

        I suspect my blog will become one of those sites that restarts randomly after a long break, when the time is right. Can’t make any promises, but if my mood improves and my schedule allows I may return in the future, Thank you for the support.

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