The Otaku Judge – 2018 in Review


An end of year recap in April? Talk about long overdue. It’s safe to say that 2018 will go down in history as the last year were I update this site on a regular basis. For those of you who are wondering, no I am not dead. My passion for blogging on the other hand is well and truly six feet under.

I’ll continue to post on here sporadically, and I’ll still visit the blogs I follow whenever time allows. No great loss in the grand scheme of things, as the internet is filled with anime/game critics who are wittier and more talented than I. Many thanks to all my subscribers for the support and kind feedback you have blessed me with, ever since I registered on WordPress back in 2013.

VIEWS: In total The Otaku Judge received 19,568 views in 2018. That’s a drop from the previous twelve months, where I attracted over 22,000 hits. No surprise given that I wrote thirty-two fewer articles. Another factor is that several of the site’s readers have since departed from WordPress. Curse those quitters. I hate it when people abandon the WordPress community without warning… oh wait never mind (hypocrite alarm sounds in the background).

TOP ATTRACTIONS: The most popular posts of 2018 were…

1. Review of Justice League: The poor man’s Avengers starring a team of DC heroes.
2. A Place Further than the Universe Review: Cute anime girls travel to Antarctica.
3. Review of Jurassic World: Hollywood reboots an extinct dinosaur franchise.

WHERE DID THEY COME FROM: For the fourth successive year the site’s highest source of traffic (in order of views) is United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Germany overtakes India and Australia to claim fourth place.

WHO ARE THEY: My most frequent readers were…

1. John Jr: A dreamer who occasionally writes about entertainment.
2. Man In Black: Pens detailed reviews of anime, wrestling DVDs and movies I have never heard of.
3. Raistlin0903: The movie buff from Holland, who is sadly on blog hiatus.
4. Krystallina: Focuses on manga reviews. Loves Final Fantasy 7 and a good bargain.
5. Jeffrey Botah: He writes things. I read them. Seems like a fair deal.

Okay, that’s it for this recap. Farewell for now. I’ll see you all whenever I get the urge to post the traditional top five anime/games of 2018. Until then, I wish you all a belated happy new year!

34 thoughts on “The Otaku Judge – 2018 in Review

  1. I’m glad you’re not dead judge!!!. Yeah, blog burn out is the biggest reason why many quit. I think the best one is to either step back for a bit or have a schedule that caters to you

    • Life can be a real blog killer. Schedules change and one no longer has the time/energy to write. Stepping away, rather than shutting it all down, is good advice. Many folks have deleted their sites, after suffering burn out, only to regret it later when the situation changes.

  2. I know what you mean about losing the passion for blogging. I’m in exactly the same place as you – I’ve updated my blog once this year and although people read it I just can’t really summon up the energy to write new blog posts. I’ll add to it on a sporadic basis as and when I have something to say but otherwise it’s an ex blog. It has ceased to be etc etc. Take care and after dooyoo and wordpress, I’ll see you in whatever the next space is!

    • If you clock up the years here, plus the ones spent at Ciao/Dooyoo, it tallies up to an impressive amount of review content. After doing the same thing for so long it’s no wonder the urge to write has left us. Maybe if WordPress paid me pennies or Amazon vouchers I would be tempted to return haha.

      • I must be a slut, because I never monetized my site.
        I’ve been giving it away for free.
        A couple of comments on a post, then … ZOOM … I’m counting ceiling tiles.

  3. It’s good to hear from you again and I hope you’re doing well in spite of your writer’s block. And I myself have noticed a lot of people have come and gone over the years myself. Maintaining these sites – even if they’re not getting hundreds of comments a day is a lot more work than most people give it credit for. You should definitely put yourself before your blog; many content creators end up working themselves to the bone, and the results aren’t pretty.

    • Maintaining a site is a ton of work. My reviews are tiny compared to yours, so I have no idea how you can produce so many in depth/well researched articles on a consistent basis. Just maintaining an audience, by commenting/reading stuff from followers, would eat up hours of my day. After a while I just felt I would rather spend that time doing other things.

  4. Happy new year. I know how much of a commitment a blog can be, especially when there’s everything else in life to think about. Writing is work, and if it’s unpaid work, the only thing that keeps you going is pure personal motivation – I know I’ve had a few long hiatuses from the blog scene myself. I just wish you all the best.

    • Motivation is the key. Although stats don’t matter, I did lose some motivation once the site plateaued and then started to shrink. I have been writing reviews, in some form or other, since middle school so it’s only natural I would get tired of the same thing. Your return gives me hope that my spirit for blogging will return and I will revive the site in the future.

  5. Well…….having not been here myself in let’s see now, a few months give or take I didn’t know that you have been gone for such a long while too. On a strange coincidence (one of many by the way) I just came back myself last week. I say one of many, because coincidentally ever since my update post from last week I have seen quite a few other bloggers who had not posted a while make a return as well. Though I am not fully back, my health is unfortunately still not back up to it’s full potential, I do plan or no let me rephrase try to plan a new post each week. But…that’s enough about me, this is your post.

    I have always loved reading your blog, and you have always been a great supporter of my own blog as well. It makes me sad to hear that your blogging spirit has gone, but I can only hope it will return. Your writing skills have always been impressive, and I have this feeling that eventually (at least I hope) your passion for it will return. I have said it often: blogging is hard, especially combining it with real life. But then again, it’s always been a lot of fun as well. The most rewarding thing about it for me has always been the interacting with all sorts of cool people. And duh…you are one of those 😊

    If you are interested, maybe we can do a collab post about something in the future? We usually like most of the same stuff, with of course a few exceptions (lol), but maybe in that way we can do something fun, and maybe kickstart your interest in blogging? No pressure of course, and also definitely no need to rush things either. But it would be cool to maybe do some kind of project together. Whether it’s about anime or a movie or well…whatever. Think about it, and let me know.

    For now though I want to thank you for the shout out, and the wonderful posts you have written throughout the years, as well as the support you have shown for me: I have always appreciated it, and still do. Take care, and all the best: greeting from the movie buff from Holland 😉😊

    • Hello Raistlin0903,

      The collaboration idea is a great idea, that could really help The Otaku Judge and this blog, The Otaku Judge could get guest bloggers to post on this blog sometimes.

      -John Jr

      • Thank you 😊 Well, it could sometimes help, but I also know blogging is sometimes hard to maintain, and there are times when it’s also very good to take the occasional break 😊

    • Hello Raistlin0903,

      You are welcome, yeah, I agree; and in that case volunteer guest bloggers would make even more sense to help with blog maintenance and they can blog during those break times.

      -John Jr

  6. Glad to see that you’ll still be appearing, even if only sporadically. Burn out really sucks, but stepping away is definitely better than cutting it all together is definitely good though.

  7. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog and you’ve alerted me to several anime and games I wouldn’t otherwise have tried. I look forward to seeing whatever content you feel motivated to write about in future.

  8. Sometimes you have to take breaks. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I try not o worry about it too much, I try to get stuff out when I can, and hope someone somewhere discovers it. I’ve also tried streaming more. It’s nice because I can talk to folks while I play, and it gives me something to potentially review. And sometimes the viewers might read something. So there’s that. I will say though reading about so much anime here has been great. Even if I haven’t seen most of it, I can see what might interest me, and point local anime fans this way.

  9. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I am glad that you made this post, that you are / will stop by sometimes instead of just completely disappearing like most people who leave, and thank you for the shout-out.

    It took me longer than it should have to release my 2018 In Review, I started it early but having to do things manually instead of being able to copy and paste some things from my Stats was annoying, and so I kept giving up on finishing it until I finally finished it a month or more late.

    I almost used images of my Stats instead, which is what I might do next year, but I do not like storing images here because of storage limits (though doing this only once a year should not be a big deal until many years later).

    I hope that things will go well for you this year and that we will hear from you again more often.

    Thank you and have a great day,
    -John Jr

  10. Its nice to see a new post from you 🙂 . I hope that rest of your year is happy and pleasant , and you enjoy your time .
    this year for me will be a bit hard because i have an important exam coming up , wish me luck . i hope you resume your blogging after a break , but i admit that writing reviews (and good ones) can be time consuming .
    have a nice day and year 🙂


  11. Yeah, I get how blogs tend to fall off the radar when a lot of other things are going on. I dropped away too. Glad to see you for this and I hope I get to see a few more posts from you! I got stuck in the comparison game a bit too. I hope you know that you are the only one that can write like you… Sorry if I sound a bit corny but I hope you remember that.

  12. Nice to hear you aren’t dead; I actually was starting to worry!

    We aren’t professional writers so this kind of thing is a labor of love. And that passion can wax and wane. You shouldn’t do it out of obligation but hopefully you’ll still feel the urge to pop in now and again to express your thoughts and feelings.

    I’ve enjoyed your perspective and writing. Hope to read more in the near future!

  13. Good to see you post! It’s a shame that the passion for blogging has died, I really enjoyed your reviews. I feel like I get it though, maintaining a blog is draining and it’s so easy to cross the line that separates writing out of excitement and writing out of duty. Looking forward to your next post.

  14. Hey, whatever you do in the future, you’ve had a really good run. I haven’t been an anime guy in a while, but you’ve opened my eyes to some really good series that I’ve followed up on. Thanks for that.

    And yeah, I’ll add to the chorus here. You do what you enjoy, what fulfills you. If it takes you in a direction other than blogging, so be it. This should be something you do because it adds to your life, and if it doesn’t do that any longer, then that’s just what it is.

    I hope to see you again down the line.

  15. I was wondering where you were, eh. Definitely sad to see you drop out of the regular blogging thing, but I’m wishing you all the best with everything. Thanks for all the support you’ve shown my blog over the years, too. You rock, dude! 🙂

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