Top Five Games I Played In 2018


This blog may be dead, but the tradition of me listing my five favourite games of the past year lives on. See below for the titles I enjoyed playing the most in 2018.

5. Batman – The Enemy Within: This sequel to Telltale’s 2016 release kicks off with the Caped Crusader battling a version of the Riddler, who wouldn’t look out of place in a Saw movie. The later episodes however focus on Bruce Wayne’s love/hate relationship with the Joker. Harley Quinn, Bane and Mr Freeze also make an appearance in what has to be one of Telltale’s better interactive stories. I love their take on this DC Comics property, so it’s a real shame that the developer has since gone bust. Their storytelling and easy platinum trophies shall be missed.

4. Super Mario Odyssey: Unlike most people, the Switch has yet to win me over. Believe it or not, I still play the Vita more than Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid. Many of the games I bought for the system (Xenoblade 2, Breath of the Wild and Octopath Traveller) have disappointed me. On the flip side Super Mario Odyssey exceeded my expectations. Once again Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, so it falls upon a mustached plumber to rescue her. Aiding our hero in this adventure is a sentient cap who is capable of possessing Koopa’s minions.

3. Doki Doki Literature Club: I seldom play PC games, but I am glad that readers convinced me to give Doki Doki Literature Club a try. At first glance this looks like another of those generic visual novels that clogs up Steam’s marketplace. Get past the first two hours however and you will soon discover that there is more to this VN than simply deciding who, out of the club’s four waifus, the player will end up with. It’s hard to believe that a release of this quality is available to download for free. I highly recommend giving Doki Doki a go… or at the very watch a Let’s Player tackle it. Their reactions to the twist are certain to amuse.

2. Tales of Berseria: This is only the second Tales game I have ever managed to finish. On paper I should love this franchise, but the combat system has always put me off. Berseria is no different in that regard. In order to complete the game I set the difficulty to easy and automated all of the battles. Despite disabling a good chunk of the gameplay I still had a blast with Berseria. I enjoyed exploring the world, engaging with the characters and most of all the story. Unlike other Tales titles, where a group of plucky youngsters save the world from evil, the protagonist of Berseria is out for revenge. She will stop at nothing to secure vengeance, even if it means murdering the kingdom’s saviour.

1. Valkyria Chronicles 4: It’s great to once again play a Valkyria Chronicles game, after the west was denied a localization of the third installment. Part of me fears that this may end up being the series finale, as poor financial results are forcing Sega to scale back on their games output. From what I hear they may be pulling a Konami to cut costs. If you ask me they should just stop butchering Sonic’s legacy and focus more on creative titles like VC4 instead. The blend of anime cell shaded visuals and military strategy is right up my alley. Still, who am I to criticise Sega? They have technically won my Top Five contests two years running. Valkyria Chronicles 4 follows in the footsteps of 2017 champion Persona 5. Perhaps, if I can clear my PS4 backlog and play Yakuza 6, Sega will complete a hat trick in 2019. Time will tell.

26 thoughts on “Top Five Games I Played In 2018

    • Technically they are similar games, as they are both third person platformers. I was one of the rare people who didn’t like 64 either, but for some reason Odyssey clicked with me. Maybe my taste has changed or perhaps it was a case of the newest game not being so frustrating.

    • Valkyria Chronicles 4 got good reviews so hopefully more games come out in the future. My fear however is that Sega will give the franchise the axe, as they are cost cutting so niche titles are less likely to get greenlit.

  1. The Switch has been an excellent boon to the indie scene, so you might want to look into those if the console hasn’t won you over. Otherwise, yeah, Odyssey is a wonderful game; it really proves Nintendo has plenty of relevance in the 2010s

    • You may be right on that. I have noticed that some indie studios have decided to port their PC titles only to the Switch. Some lesser known games that I have enjoyed on Switch are Steam World Quest and Battle Chef Brigade.

      • Yeah, Nintendo has basically become gaming’s answer to A24. The best part? They actually respect their audience and don’t resort to deceptive marketing tactics. Okay, so maybe they’re nothing like A24 at all.

  2. Doki Doki Literature Club is on my to-play list. I like games that subvert expectations in an interesting and satisfying way, and I’ve heard this game does that.

    • DDK certainly subverts expectations. It surprised me a number of times, even if I went into it knowing that there was going to be a twist. If you want to reduce your play list size give it a go. From what I recall you can complete it in a few hours.

  3. I think VC4 could have been helped if Sega had bothered remastering VC2 & 3 first. Yes, they’re not necessary, but it just feels so odd to have two numbered titles that are on portable consoles — and one wasn’t even released in the West! Redoing them for a worldwide PS4 release might have been a more natural leadup to 4 instead of Revolutions.

    • Your theory is probably correct. Sega must have figured that only remastering the first game was necessary, as VC4 takes place during the same time as the original. I think the PSP games sold poorly due to the platform they were released on. If they remastered those titles and brought them out on PC/ console they would find a larger audience. To this day I am still gutted that Sega didn’t localize VC3 or Phantasy Star Online 2.

  4. Ah but by now you should know the mustached plumber and me aren’t on good terms! A gaming friend once described my dislike for Mario and my love for Nintendo as being in a candy store while not liking candy.

  5. I’m super behind on VC. I haven’t even gotten to finish any of them yet although I lightly started one on the PSP if I’m remembering correctly. Odyssey was definitely a really fun game as well, one of the only titles where I 100% did the post game. Nowadays unless a game is amazing I tend to ditch it right after I beat the main story

    • Same here. I am usually content with just finishing the story when it comes to video games. My backlog is so big that I would rather play something else rather than focus on optional objectives.

      • Definitely, if we go for those optional parts we’ll never get it done. I still have a fantasy where 5 years from now my backlog will be down to 0. It’s not too realistic, but I still like to hope that one day my backlog will be nonexistent. (Like down to 10 or something) but it’s tough with all the games that keep coming out

  6. I actually like the Tales combat system, so if you had such a great time with Berseria while minimizing the your involvement in battles, I might be in for something fantastic if I can get both sides of that going. Hmm…

    • Most people love the Tales combat system. I’m not very good at it so I just button bash and long for turn based battles instead. From what I hear Berseria is popular with series fans so you should end up liking it a lot too.

  7. There’s a lot of great stuff on the Switch, you just have to have the initiative to look for it. on the AAA end, Mortal Kombat 11 has been a lot of fun. Most of Nintendo’s own recent offerings have been fun, and I’ve got 520+ hours spent in Inkopolis. Glad to see you’re back!

  8. I forgot that Doki Doki Literature Club was free! That was a bonkers experience.

    I liked Mario Odyssey but not as much as everyone else did. I’ve realized that I enjoy the 2-D Mario games more than 3-D. Might be the old school gamer in me!

    • Doki Doki Literature Club and Katawa Shoujo are two free visual novels that are better than many VNs that carry a price tag. I think both Mario and Sonic work better in 2D, but some of their 3D titles are fun too.

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