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After many years the Marvel cinematic universe has released a movie fronted by a heroine. Much to my disappointment however, the already established Black Widow was overlooked in favour of Captain Marvel. Not to be confused with the DC character of the same name, Captain Marvel is a lesser known hero who has been around since the seventies. I first spotted Captain Marvel in the nineties X-Men cartoon. She was the unfortunate person who Rogue absorbed her superpowers from. Back then Captain Marvel was one of the most attractive ladies from the Marvel comics. The same cannot be said of her present day incarnation though. A questionable redesign has robbed the former Ms Marvel of her feminine traits and cool mask.


The movie version of Captain Marvel is a Kree soldier named Vers. Film viewers who have previously watched Guardians of the Galaxy should recognize the Kree Empire, as they are the alien race that Ronan the Accuser serves. Set in the nineties, the film kicks off with Vers being assigned to a squad who are pursuing some nasty extraterrestrials known as the Skrulls. Unfortunately for Vers, the mission goes awry and culminates with her being stranded on a primitive planet called Earth. It’s a strange world, where inhabitants exchange currency for entertainment in establishments called Blockbuster.

Vers isn’t the only one marooned on Earth. A small group of Kree insurgents have also crashed landed on the planet. Vers attempts to track said greenskins down, but it won’t be easy as the Kree have the ability to shapeshift. Invaders who can transform into humans? Gasp! Looks like David Ike was right all along. Anyway, in order to catch the Kree, Vers teams up with a SHIELD agent named Nick Fury. As the pair travel across the States, searching for clues, Vers begins to experience flashbacks. The sights and sounds of Earth are awakening memories that Vers had thought she had lost. Memories that may explain the origin of the mysterious energy based powers she commands.


My rating for Captain Marvel is a two out of five. This is probably the weakest of the Marvel movies I have seen. It reminds me a little of the early DC live action films that I am not a fan of. The movie is so dull that at one point I lost consciousness and found myself transported to dream land. Eventually I awoke and rewound the film to see what I had missed. Turns out that I didn’t skip much. Just a bunch of slow paced scenes and one too many flashbacks, which reveal Vers’ backstory piecemeal. Marvel Studios, who usually flood their films with comedy, held back on the gags this time round. Shame, as more quips would have helped counter the tedium. The few one liners we get aren’t particularly funny or delivered well by uncharismatic lead Brie Larson.

There isn’t much to recommend here, unless you are a fan of Nick Fury. In this film the Avengers mastermind gets more screen time than he usually does. This version of the character is a little younger, goofier and sports two eyes. I was impressed by the fountain of youth CGI effects used to wipe years off Samuel L. Jackson’s face. Less impressive was the retcon that explains why the character now wears an eye-patch. It’s down right stupid in fact.

One of the biggest problems Captain Marvel suffers from is that it recycles ideas from other MCU titles. The cosmic scenes and nostalgic soundtrack felt like a budget version of Guardians. Meanwhile the tale of superpowered visitor trapped on Earth harkens back to the original Thor. For me, the movie didn’t pick up until the final half hour. The finale has some good action, but be forewarned that there isn’t much suspense once Vers unlocks her potential and goes Super Saiyan. At that point Captain Marvel becomes a Superman like figure who can single handedly destroy alien fleets. Given how OP she gets the final showdown with her rival, who I won’t name for spoilers sake, ends up being more anticlimactic than Game of Thrones. For the sake of female superheroes on film, I hope that Black Widow and the upcoming Thor turn out better than this two-hour snore fest.

28 thoughts on “Review of Captain Marvel

  1. “It’s a strange world, where inhabitants exchange currency for entertainment in establishments called Blockbuster” Lol…I liked that sentence😂
    Well, it doesn’t happen very often as we mostly pretty much agree on everything, but this time around I have to say I have a different opinion for this one. I quite enjoyed the film to be honest, and despite it’s slower pace, I kind of felt that was appropriate for this movie. I didn’t really know much about the background of this character, but her OP seems to be right. Apparently she is the most powerful marvel superhero around…or so I heard. Oh well…that’s the fun in movies, different opinions. I have high hopes for Black Widow though. And hey at least we have Scarlo in that one, so that alone will be worth something right? Great post! 😊

    • I think this is one of the more divisive Marvel movies. A lot of people are in your camp and enjoyed it. Some people didn’t like it at all though. Captain Marvel is the most powerful Marvel hero? I think that must be something that got introduced in the newer comics. Back in the day she wasn’t that OP. She could fly, had super strength and energy beams. Very powerful, but not on the level of someone like Hulk or Thor.

      • Well it’s what I heard when she was first announced in the marvel cinematic universe. Quite a few youtube channels called her the most powerful Marvel hero. Looking at this film it seems to be true lol 😂😂
        But yeah…it was very divisive, I’ve seen this one get mixed reviews all over the place 😊

    • The eye injury reveal is funny, but very silly. Based on past comments the character had made I was expecting something more dramatic. As far as prequel revelations go I guess it’s better than the reason for Han Solo’s surname.

  2. Great review. Totally on point. When they cast Larson for this, I thought it would be their first major casting fumble. But I’ve thought that before and was wrong. Not the case here. I think this movie had a lot going against it, but someone more charismatic than Brie maybe could have carried it. I didn’t find it boring as much as I did just flat. Like something they needed to roll out so they could get her into Endgame. I did enjoy a lot of the visuals, but this one has replaced Thor: The Dark World as my least favorite MCU flick.

    • Based on this performance I am surprised that Larson has won an Academy Award. She didn’t have much range and struggled with the light hearted lines. Maybe she wasn’t giving it her all? From the interviews I have seen she doesn’t seem too thrilled about playing a superhero. Like it’s beneath her and she is just doing it for the pay cheque. I am worried for superhero films if Captain Marvel is meant to be the replacement for the big stars that recently left the MCU.

  3. I have to agree this wasn’t the best MCU film but I didn’t hate it as much as you. I agree Larson wasn’t a great casting choice, her whiny, croaky teen girl voice annoyed me but they could have picked much worse, Like Jennifer Lawrence or some other overrated flavour of the month.

    At least we had Nick Fury and Goose the cat to keep us entertained! 😛

    • I wish we would have gotten more scenes with the cat. The film could have benefitted from more kitty humour. Marvel has done well with casting in the past, be it hiring big names or lesser known stars. Larson was a bad choice though. Only seemed to have one facial expression, regardless of the situation.

  4. Im not into MCU films , but i put down my interest in captain marvel after watching her interviews .

    The best recent marvel movie ive seen is “Doctor Strange” but i have a feeling that the second sequel might ruin the image of doctor strange for me .
    Have a very nice day 🙂 and it was an awesome review as always

    • Good video. She really comes across as unlikable in those interviews. Even her fellow actors don’t seem to get on with her haha. Dr Strange was excellent. Hopefully the sequel will be good too. One concern I have is that the next movie is meant to be scary. I’m not a big fan of horror.

  5. I reeeeally wanted to like this movie more than I actually did. I think it has more to do with the bland directing than anything else. It sort of tries to be quirky but there’s just no style similar to what you find in Guardians or Thor Ragnarok. The movie is set in the 90s but doesn’t capitalize on it except for some 90s music that has no connection with the character since she had been in outer space the whole time. Having her wear a NIN shirt or Nirvana coming on in a scene isn’t anything but fan service.

    I really hope an inevitable sequel jumps in quality like the Captain America series did.

    • They certainly could have done more with the nineties setting. A missed opportunity, as many viewers who watch these films grew up during that decade. Let’s see how the next Captain Marvel movie pans out. No idea when it’s due out though. I didn’t spot it when they recently announced the next phase of titles.

  6. I still haven’t seen this, but it does seem to have been a divisive one. With regards to Brie, I didn’t actually pay any attention to how she was in the build-up in terms of public appearances and stuff, so had no real opinion of her when the film was released. I still don’t actually know anything else she’s been in.

    • That’s probably a good idea. Seeing her in an interview may influence your opinion of Larson and by extension the movie. Many people in the entertainment industry aren’t the nicest of folks, but when promoting a film they at least try to appear positive.

  7. Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Captain Marvel and you certainly make some good points. I saw it on cinema release and was similarly underwhelmed but I checked it out again last night and enjoyed it much more, sure not one of the top-tier MCU entries but enjoyable non-the-less.

    • Some movies get better with repeated viewings. Not sure if I will give Captain Marvel another chance though. My backlog of anime, games and films is so large that I struggle to make time to rewatch stuff I enjoyed, much less movies I rated below average.

  8. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Thank you for sharing your honest opinion of this movie, and for sharing a bit more background about the main character.

    I have not seen this movie yet, I was not impressed with what I have seen and heard about it so far, and so if I do watch this movie eventually my opinion will likely be closer to yours but I predict that I will likely give it a 2.5 – 3 out of 5; but we will see if I ever watch it that is.

    -John Jr

    • Thanks for checking out the review and posting a hilarious Honest Trailer vid. You can probably skip this movie, as it isn’t essential for keeping up with the MCU story line. That may change in the future though. Sounds like future Marvel films will be more cosmic, so Captain Marvel may feature in those.

      • You are welcome The Otaku Judge, I am guessing that the Honest Trailer for this was better than the movie. 😀

        Thank you for the advice and for the information.

        -John Jr

    • Glad that you enjoyed the movie more than I did. Seeing a Blockbusters was nostalgic. I wish they would have squeezed in a few more nineties references, as those took me back to my teenage years.

      • Yeah I agree. I really like the 90s easter eggs in the movie. I wish we could have explored more, but I guess that would take up time for the story. Blockbuster was my jam!

  9. I need more Captain Marvel because it’s the closest I am getting to a Supergirl in a cinematic universe and seeing butthurt fanboys throwing temper tantrums over it is both sad and hilarious.

    • I am in the dislike camp, but will admit to getting some amusement by seeing the fans/haters feud online. A live action Super Girl movie exists, but most people would recommend against watching it.

      • Not surprised based on your opinions I’ve read over the years.

        Yes. We don’t talk about that old movie. Dislike this movie but it’s a masterpiece compared to the Supergirl one.

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