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Avengers: Endgame lives up to its name. Not only does it end the Thanos storyline, which Infinity War started, but it also wraps up the journey of several key characters. Endgame feels like the natural conclusion to Marvel’s cinematic universe, even if it won’t be. These movies make too much cash after all. If the newly acquired X-Men and Fantastic Four don’t take off though, I wonder how long Marvel can keep the current continuity going, before the temptation to reboot with new actors becomes too strong to resist. If you ask me, the D list heroes that remain aren’t strong enough to replace the stars who bow out at the finale of Endgame.

Five years after the events of Infinity War, the human race is coming to terms with living in a world where half the population was erased from existence. Hawkeye didn’t take the disappearance of his family too well and has turned into a murderous vigilante with a bad haircut. A depressed Thor decides to turn into me, by assuming the form of a gamer who has a sizable beer belly. Others like Black Widow wrestle with depression on a daily basis. It’s not all bad though. Bruce Banner has come to terms with his condition and now is able to retain his intellect whilst in Hulk form. Meanwhile, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has settled down by having a daughter with longtime love Pepper Potts.

It’s at this point that Ant Man (Scott Lang) escapes the confines of the Quantum Realm. The five years that have passed felt like mere hours to him, due to the way that time flows when one is shrunk to microscopic size. The experience gives Lang an idea. Could the technology responsible for accessing the Quantum Realm be tweaked to allow for time travel? The answer is yes, when one has a genius like Tony Stark working on the project. Once the gizmo is built the surviving Avengers set off to the past. Like a DBZ character hunting down Dragonballs, the Avengers hope to snap up all the Infinity Balls… um Stones, so they can make their wish of undoing Thanos’ evil deeds a reality.

Although I am a fan of stuff like Steins;Gate, it must be said that Endgame resorting to time travel feels like a bit of a cop out. Marvel wrote themselves into a corner with Infinity War and now need a way to reverse the deaths they inflicted. A rematch with present day Thanos, to reverse his culling of life, isn’t an option due to reasons I cannot mention without going into spoilers. On the plus side the time travel allows audiences to revisit scenes from past films, which was pretty cool. Be sure to turn off your brain though, as Endgame isn’t consistent with the rules it establishes concerning time travel. At one point it is stressed that the mission to the past has to be covert, in order to avoid major changes to the timeline. This is forgotten later however, when one of the heroes breaks the rules in order to secure a happy ending for himself.

My rating for Avengers: Endgame is four stars. Not as good as Infinity War, but an excellent movie nonetheless. I enjoyed the early scenes, which showed how the surviving heroes coped with loss. Although some things could have been executed better, I was also satisfied with how certain character arcs were concluded. My only real gripe is with the film’s length. Three hours of mostly action is a bit much for someone like myself. Don’t get me wrong, the final showdown is epic. I was impressed with how they managed to squeeze in everyone of note into that fight. Cool as it was though, I did space out at times due to a mix of CGI fatigue and the 180 minute running time sapping my endurance. Thank goodness I watched this from the comfort of home. I doubt my bladder or antisocial personality could have endured that long in a packed cinema.

34 thoughts on “Review of Avengers: Endgame

  1. Agreed, it was definitely a satisfying finale to the arc. I wasn’t a huge fan of it compared to Infinity War, but it did a great job of giving everyone their moment in the spotlight. I agree about the whole time travel aspect as well, I had some issues with the rules there. It will be tough to keep going without their big stars so I’m ready for some kind of Spiderverse type event where the heroes meet alternate versions or something. That would definitely be a lot of fun

    • Alternate dimensions is a clever way of bringing back some of those heroes with a new actor in the role. Now that Disney is making superhero shows, in addition to movies, they need to find ways of beefing up their roster of Marvel characters. X-Men could give them a lot of material to work with. If they want to build up to a powerful Thanos like villain, that requires a team up to beat, there is also the option of Galactus via the Fantastic Four.

      • I think Galactus would be perfect as a follow up to Thanos. They should also wait to do a proper build up like with Thanos though. Maybe throw little hints and easter eggs for a while before throwing him in like 10 years down the road

  2. All movies that use time travel need to refer to Back to the Future for how to make it work. Though even the first movie in the series has a big plot hole that’s never addressed.

    • Back to the Future is a classic and the one film people think of when time travel is brought up. There are however other pieces of fiction that are more tight in terms of avoiding paradoxes. I think the BTTF plot holes only increased with each sequel.

  3. I’m not usually a big fan of time travel stories since they cause a lot of confusion. But I really don’t understand how in a big budget film they didn’t get feedback going, “Uh, doesn’t that go against what we’ve been told for over 2 hours now??” and try to rethink things or at least do more to smooth the major discrepancy over. Something obvious like that shouldn’t be tried to patched up in interviews after the fact.

    • Time travel stories are cool, but when a series that has avoided the subject suddenly introduces it one can’t help but think that the writers took the easy way out, after ending on a major cliffhanger. For the sake of a happy ending it looks like Marvel overlooked the rules they established earlier in the film. Then again Hollywood scripts get re-written so many times and passed between different writers that I guess it’s easy to slip up, especially when the story is covering events from so many different movies.

  4. Hehe – kudos on the DBZ comparison! 😉 😀

    This was a weird one as it didn’t need to be three hours yet with so much ground to cover and many threads to tie up, it couldn’t be a short film either. I was worried I would fall asleep in the cinema but I didn’t, largely because it was such an emotional and constantly moving experience.

    I did like the many call backs to the previous films which is long term storytelling at its finest (unless they re-watched EVERY Marvel film to see where they could fiddle with things, which is still impressive commitment), but it gave us the ending we deserved after 20+ films, so in that respect it is a triumph in my opinion.

    • I wasn’t surprised about the running time. You have the aftermath of the last film to cover, a big finale and the time travel stuff that spans across different locations. Three hours is quite a commitment to sit through though. Maybe they could have trimmed down the action or cut out the Captain Marvel scenes? She didn’t do much and probably should have been introduced after End game.

      No complaints on the ending. Nice closure for several characters. With Game of Thrones still fresh in the memory, it’s nice to see a property than ran for so many years not flub the finale.

      • Not you as well! 😛 Some numpties out there have edited “Endgame” to remove anything that appears to emasculate the male heroes and removed every scene with Captain Marvel in it, which not only trimmed a load of time off but also completely shafted the narrative! >.<

      • I didn’t like the Captain Marvel movie, so I guess it’s only natural that I wouldn’t mind her not appearing in Endgame. She didn’t do much other than rescue Tony (which any other character could do) and have a brief fight with Thanos.

        That fight wasn’t essential to the plot and she fared worse Scarlet Witch who Thanos couldn’t fend off without help. I don’t recall any moments that emasculated the male characters. The bit were all the female characters pose in the middle of the battlefield was a bit forced though.

      • My biggest beef with Captain Marvel was her cutting her hair short, as though they were trying to make her look butch!

        I don’t know what those twerps who edited the film were thinking, but it seems anything that involved women saving men etc. was deemed emasculating…

      • Some short hairstyles look good on women, but not the one Danvers has. With respect to the “twerps” I think some people get worried when female characters get pushed because of the current state of Marvel comics. The comic industry is on life support after going through a phase of popular characters getting replaced with female/lbgt substitutes. The gender of the characters isn’t the problem though. What has sped up the death of comics is writers using the medium to promote their political beliefs, rather than tell good stories. It’s a messy situation that I would advise against reading up on, unless you want to get a migrane.

      • So rather than create new heroes to fit current social agendas they’re repurposing extant popular ones? And they thought this was a good idea? Wow… 😮

      • … jumping into this thread here:
        RE: “My biggest beef with Captain Marvel was her cutting her hair short”
        I’m used to comic books about female heroes with imposiibly fit measurements and long flowing hair.
        In the comics, as these characters turn from feminine to less-feminine over time, will they draw The Netherlands area with kind of an ambiguous “bulge” which means that it might be anything in there?

  5. Your review was pretty awesome , since ive never seen the avengers series , your overview seemed entartaining . I liked the joke based on thor lol . I keep away from avengers series because of the hype and i dont think it will meet the expectations Ill keep from it , so i better stay away from it. And i dont think i can watch the new spiderman movie since it has connections to endgame .
    Great review and have a very nice day , and all i know about avengers endgame is that tony stark is dead

    • It was quite the surprise to see how much the usually buff Thor had let himself go. If you haven’t watched the Marvel movies getting into Avengers would be tough. There are loads of films you have to check out, in order to fully follow the story. I guess one positive about the Sony/Disney deal ending is that future Spider-Man films won’t be linked to the MCU, so new fans can get into them easier.

      • I guess one positive about the Sony/Disney deal ending is that future Spider-Man films won’t be linked to the MCU, so new fans can get into them easier.
        > that would be nice for new fans . Ive watched quite a few mcu movies but quickly lost the track of everything , it needs quite a lot of dedication to follow the storylines until avengers . I think my last marvel movies were thor2 and guardiand of galaxy 2 , after which i kind of lost the knack of following up . x-men series is hella easy to follow though and i enjoyed all of it .

  6. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    It seems that you liked this a little more than I did, I do agree with the CGI fatigue party, thank you for sharing your review.

    I did not like how the heroes got to get away with the “Whatever it takes” (the ends justifies the means) mindset, which is a villain mindset.

    -John Jr

    • CGI is a great tool for film making. When you get scene after scene of nothing but computer graphics however I get burnt out. Using time travel to get your way can certainly be thought of as a “the end justifies the means” plan. In that way the heroes weren’t too different to Thanos.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        Yep, my problem is that when someone says or things that, they have basically set no limits to what they are willing to do to achieve their goals; and that is something that heroes or anyone should not do in my opinion (that is what you would expect from a villain), some limits need to be there and need to be made, otherwise nothing is off the table and that gives you freedom to commit the most terrible acts and you feel justified as long as you achieved your goals.

        That is dangerous, too dangerous, to ever give yourself the freedom to do anything you want in my opinion; we have plenty of real world examples of what happens when people follow the ends justifies the means.

        -John Jr

  7. I’m a fan of the MCU so am biased to love this movie, but when you think about the what this movie needed to accomplish (wrapping up years of plot threads and juggling dozens of characters), it’s amazing that it holds together and satisfies so many people as it does.

    I agree that time travel is a problematic story device but it usually is. And this movie caps off three phases of the MCU so I’m willing to let it take me on a retrospective of past hits. I’m actually impressed they had the restraint to not go back to more past movies, especially Iron Man since that kicked off this universe.

    I have no idea where they’ll go from here as an overarching story but I hope they don’t just try to outdo this spectacle.

    • Wrapping up all that continuity could not have been an easy job. Fair play to the writers for pulling it off. Some simpler stories fail to deliver a good finale, so Marvel can pat themselves on the back. I like time travel fiction, although introducing it so late on felt like a cheap way to undo what happened in the last flick. Can’t complain though, as I agree with you that revisiting the old movies was fun.

      • I mean… the balls on Feige and Co to think “Hey, out of all the prior movies to pick from, let’s go back to Thor 2!”

  8. Excellent conclusion to the story of the OG Avengers I say. Not much to add or critique as I personally see nothing big enough to complain about after a 2nd or 3rd viewing.

    Team Cap all the way BABEH!

    Having said that RDJ is a legend.

    Very interested in seeing remaining veterans, more obscure heroes and long overdue favorites get their time to shine in Phase 4 and beyond.

    • I am a bit worried about phase four, based on some rumors I have been hearing. Hopefully the quality does’t dip, as most of the films I watch are superhero ones. One plus of the big names bowing out is that the lesser known characters get a chance in the spotlight, as you say. Sometimes the lesser known heroes can prove popular, as Guardians showed.

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