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Thank you to Richard “The Deviot” Hossan for nominating me to answer some questions, as part of the Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge. Although I don’t normally respond to tags, The Deviot deserves the effort. He has supported my blog for the longest time and even spreads my posts on Twitter. If you are looking for a site that covers video games I highly recommend Comma Eight Comma One. It’s packed with detailed reviews written by a Splatoon fanatic, who is knowledgeable on the subject. He’s been a gamer since the Commodore 64 days.

1.) When you’ve had one hour of sleep and need to do a full-time shift do you reach for: Coffee, tea, soda, or something else to stay awake and why?

Lack of sleep is something I contend with on a regular basis. Although I am a good boy who goes to bed early, I have a bad habit of waking up a few hours later and not being able to get any shut eye after that. From the beverages listed coffee gets my vote. I drink a lot of the stuff these days, as I do intermittent fasting. Black coffee is something I can gulp down, during the sixteen hours that I don’t eat, and it doesn’t count as breaking the fast.

2.) What is a video game/series you really wish had more attention than it does and why?

Back in 2015 I named Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest my game of the year. Sadly no one played it, as the game came out for PS3 at a time when everyone had already migrated over to the PS4. I think it’s a strategy game that many Fire Emblem fans would enjoy, as it features combat that revolves around weapon weaknesses and the generals you recruit are all cute waifus. 

3.) Pair your favorite game with a proper wine or beer.

I am so not qualified to answer this. My knowledge of alcohol doesn’t extend beyond ordering whatever cider the pub I am visiting sells, on the rare occasions that my pals drag me out of the house. I guess I will pick playing Shephy (a ewe themed PC/Switch card game) with a bottle of Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale.

4.) Pick one game that came out “Before your time” that you think looks interesting and tell us why.

The selection of games that came out before my time isn’t that big. Despite what my immature ramblings may suggest, I am an old fart whose first experience with video games was the Atari 2600 console. From the list of notable releases that came out before I was born, I am going to pick Zork. The fantasy setting should appeal to my RPG tastes and I am curious to see what the progenitor of the text adventures I played on Amstrad was like.

5.) Pick one game that is outside of your comfort zone that you think you might be willing to check out.

I had to rack my brain to come up with an answer for this one. When it comes to games I have a clear idea of what I like/dislike. I seldom stray outside my comfort zone, because there isn’t any point trying a genre I usually loathe… especially when my backlog of unfinished games is so huge. For the sake of answering I will pick Euro Truck Simulator 2. Driving isn’t usually my thing, but I think Euro Truck Simulator could be relaxing. After a bad day at the office just chill, listen to a podcast in the background and enjoy the scenery as you cruise through the continent.

Okay, that’s all the questions done and dusted. Tradition demands that I ask some questions and make some nominations. Here are my plagiarised queries and victims


1. What is the worst film you’ve ever seen in theaters?
2. What is the best film you’ve ever seen in theaters?
3. What do you feel is the greatest compilation of collected works in your collection?
4. What is your favorite opening theme to a television show?
5. Have you ever been invested in a series only to be heartbroken when it was cancelled?


I Love Code
John Jr
Man in Black

If you don’t wish to take part, no worries. As someone who seldom accepts these challenges I understand. Okay, enough blogging. Back to playing my fourth run of Fire Emblem Three Houses!

29 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge

    • I hope you enjoy the PC version, if you haven’t played it already. Sometimes it feels like I am the only person who enjoyed Eiyuu Senki, but from the looks of it the game has lots of positive feedback on Steam. Based on World Conquest I would be very happy to see more games from the series get localized. From what I gather though, those games would only come out on sites that cater to mature releases.

    • Thank you. I don’t find that coffee (or anything else for that matter) helps to counter attack low energy levels, but I do drink a lot of the stuff now that I am older. At the end of the day nothing beats a good night’s sleep. Does wonders for both mood and health.

  1. Thank you for the nomination!
    I don’t think I ever heard of Eiyuu Senki until now. On the other hand, I don’t think I could tell you much about the year 2015 off the top of my head, so it’s probably no surprise!

    • Feel free to check out my review, if you want to learn more about the game. To be honest I struggle to remember what I did a week ago, let alone entertainment from 2015. One of the perks of hosting a blog is that I can search for long forgotten games/anime/movies and see what I thought about them.

    • I apologize if recycling questions is not allowed hehe. Wasn’t sure what the rules of the challenge are and to be honest the question Deviot tackled are better than anything I could come up with.

      Coffee is good, but I sometimes worry that I drink too much. Sometimes I try to mix things up by having green tea.

      • Nah, I was just teasing.

        I myself am fond of those bubble teas with the tapioca pearls, though I’m not sure if that would help with an hour’s worth of sleep.

  2. “Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale”??? 😮

    Thank for the tag. I was going to tag you when I got this award from Red Metal (with those same questions 😉 ) but I recall you never usually did these so I spared you the nom. :\

    • There are loads of beers out there that have crazy names. Worth a quick Google search if you want a chuckle.

      You are correct, I normally avoid these tags. This is the first one I have answered in my six years of blogging. Perhaps I should revise that policy, as the post ended up getting more attention than my poor Astra manga review.

  3. Thank you for the nomination!, although I don’t know what the rules are, it would be nice if you could explain (i read in the comment about no repetitive questions ). It was nice to read other stuff about you other than your reviews 🙂
    have a very nice day 🙂

    • I have close to 130 hours played on my save file. That’s surprising, as I don’t normally stick with a game for that long. Play through number four might be my last for a while though. I want to collect all the support conversations and try different character builds, but it’s probably best that I give Three Houses a break. I want to try some of the new stuff that’s come out on Switch (like Link’s Awakening and Astral Chain).

      • Yeah that definitely makes sense. There’s definitely a lot of other hype games to play too and the break will make you even more ready for round 5. Astral Chain in particular I definitely enjoyed a lot!

  4. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    On that first question my response would be some water, exercise, and sunlight/fresh air. 😀

    Thank you for the nomination, I will have to try to find the official rules website and a link to an image for the award so that I can make my post in response to your nomination.

    -John Jr

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