Untitled Goose Game Review


Geese love to torment humans. If you don’t believe me just do a quick search on Youtube and you’ll find countless videos of park goers fleeing in terror, after crossing paths with an irritable goose. The star of Untitled Goose Game is no exception to that rule. Players guide said goose, as he waddles through a tranquil English village on a mission to commit “fowl” play. The village is broken up into five areas, but when the game begins you only have access to one zone. In order to unlock entry into other parts of the village players will need to commit various pranks, which are listed on a digital notepad.


Untitled Goose Game is unlike anything I have played before. If I had to pick a genre for this title my answer would be “puzzle game mixed with some stealth elements.” The above mentioned pranks require some thought, as they depend on working out where and how to use objects the goose finds in the environment. The puzzles aren’t too difficult, but may stump some “bird brained” individuals. What I like about the game’s design is that some of the brainteasers can be solved in multiple ways. For example, one early puzzle demands that you soak a pesky gardener. This can be achieved by turning on some nearby sprinklers or alternatively the goose can snatch a valuable item and force the greenskeeper to chase after him into a lake.

The stealth portion of the game involves sneaking past certain villagers, who have no patience for a trouble making goose. Don’t expect Metal Gear Solid depth from the stealth parts though, even if getting into the pub does require that the goose conceal himself inside a cardboard box! For the most part you can usually progress just by walking slowly at the right moment or distracting a foe with a well timed honk. As someone who dislikes stealth games I was okay with Untitled Goose Game’s more casual approach to sneaking. I don’t believe it is possible to suffer a game over at all. Should the goose get caught he’ll just be shooed away from the vicinity and have any item he is carrying confiscated.


My rating for Untitled Goose Game is a three out of five. It’s funny to see how this indie game, that was put together by just four people, is presently outselling the latest Zelda release. It would seem that gamers cannot resist the temptation to cause mischief. The game’s appeal may also come from the graphics. When I first laid eyes upon the trailer I couldn’t help but be charmed by the children’s book style visuals. On the sonic side of things, we get limited sound and music. The audio we are treated to however does its job well. Pressing the honk button never gets old and I dug the piano tune that plays whenever the goose is pursued by one of his honking mad victims.

I can’t give Untitled Goose Game a higher score, as it can be completed in one or two hours. Even if the game isn’t a full price release, I was expecting a bit more content for the money I paid. All that said, once the main campaign is finished some bonus objectives get unlocked, which extend the playtime somewhat. If value for money is a concern, my recommendation would be to wait for the game to go on sale. Alternatively fun can be had just by checking out an online Let’s Play of the game. If you want a giggle hop over to Youtube and give an Untitled Goose Game video playthrough a “gander.”

22 thoughts on “Untitled Goose Game Review

  1. I have yet to play this but I get a very big Goat Simulator vibe from what I see. 5 minutes of goofing around with it and then getting bored with it. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s the impression I get.

    • Yeah, just like in Goat Simulator this game sees players controlling an animal that causes havoc. I haven’t played Goat Simulator, but from the footage I have seen it seems to be a sandbox where you mess about. Untitled Goose Game is a bit more linear and focused, as it gives you objectives to work out. I can see people getting bored of the gameplay after a while, so maybe the short length is a plus. It doesn’t overstay its welcome.

  2. All of a sudden, I saw this game being mentioned all over the place and I was like, “Why is everyone going crazy over a game about geese without a title??” It wasn’t till later that I realized “Untitled Goose Game” was its actual title.

    • When I first saw a teaser for this game I thought Untitled Goose Game was a placeholder name until they finished development and though up a better title. It’s rather funny that they decided to so with the Untitled name.

  3. I remember I used to be obsessed with Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance on the PS2. I like the VR missions very much.

    The game is indeed too short, in my opinion. But I can see it being the right length for school children.

    • I imagine kids would love this game. Even if they don’t complete the missions they can have a laugh tormenting the villagers. Stealth isn’t my thing so I never tackled the VR missions of Metal Gear 2. The story was cool though.

  4. I saw the trailer and it if very funny and silly . The graphics of the game was very simple and old schooled . Also the name is funny and at first I didnt realise it was the actual name .

  5. Sounds pretty fun for sure. Too bad it’s so short, but as long as there is a good free roam option then that sounds good to me. I’m also surprised it’s outselling the latest Zelda game, now that’s some good goose dedication!

  6. From when you said stealth elements, the first thing that came to mind was Metal Gear: Goose Walker, even though it’s not that I like what I read and saw. I can’t help but be entertained by a good lighthearted troll, I feel like I can call this good wholesome content.

    • Metal Gear is the stealth game I am most familiar with. I normally avoid the genre, but MGS won me over due to its story. In the online world people hate trolls, but the success of this game does suggest that deep down most people get some joy winding up people with mischief.

  7. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    Well that looks different, no one that I follow on YouTube has played this game yet (they have not been playing that many games or interesting games this year), thank you for sharing this.

    -John Jr

    • I have been a bit disappointed with video games in 2019. There have been a few excellent titles, but I agree that the vast bulk of releases are not too interesting. Lots of rushed out products that didn’t live up to expectations or unoriginal sequels.

      Back when this game came out I saw a few Let’s Players tackle Untitled Goose Game. It seemed to go down well with their viewers, as the game is funny and isn’t too long.

      • Hello The Otaku Judge,

        The state of gaming this year is definitely not good, I worry about the future of gaming, the number of rushed and buggy and uninteresting video games have increased; and some developers are continuing to hit new lows like Bethesda, and I am worried about the future of The Elder Scrolls games.

        Thank you for responding,
        -John Jr

    • Terry Bogard is coming to Smash so perhaps Geese will appear in this game someday too haha. The Switch has a lot of good indie stuff. Battle Chef Brigade for example is excellent. My top recommendation for the system is Fire Emblem however. Great gameplay and the main character can end up in a yuri romance.

      • This confirmed Terry as SNK’s Ryu over Kyo so it’s a given he’d represent them.

        I did mention my wanting 3 Houses in your review of the game so I am getting it too.

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