Greetings and salutations! Welcome to The Otaku Judge, a blog focusing mainly on reviews of anime, video games and manga. This isn’t my first foray as a geek critic, as I have previously dabbled with retro gaming reviews on a now defunct Youtube channel under the alias Dentolux. Given how I am one of the quietest chaps you’ll ever meet, speaking into a mike was never my thing so I have since turned by attention toward written reviews. These days you can find me penning articles on the consumer review site Dooyoo who, in exchange for submitting my opinion on products, graciously reward me with Amazon vouchers that I use to fund my nerdy hobbies.

Although Dooyoo is a great site for aspiring writers wishing to make some scratch out of something they love, its community of video gamers and animation fans is miniscule. With that in mind I finally decided to start publishing my work on a mainstream blog as I feel it would provide me with a better platform for finding similarly minded people. Anyone wishing to discuss anime or games with yours truly feel free to drop me a line. Constructive feedback on my reviews is always welcome.

For anyone interested in my background, my passion for anime can be traced back to my youth when my parents would rent out VHS tapes of mech shows like Voltron for me to watch. I was also fortunate to grow up at a time when my local TV station aired the first season of Robotech. Although the butchered version of Macross wasn’t a hit with my schoolyard chums I couldn’t help but admire how mature its soap opera like tale was in comparison episodic cartoons like He-Man or GI Joe. During my late teens my love of anime was reawakened in part thanks to Toonami’s broadcasts of Dragonball Z and the Sci-Fi channel’s late screenings of Akira and Dominion Tank Police. Once I secured a job I decided to build up an anime DVD collection, which has since grown to a size my modest home, can barely accommodate.

I’ve always been fascinated with video games, ever since I held an Atari 2600 joystick. The first home computer I ever owned was an Amstrad CPC, back in the days when games were stored on cassette tapes. Without a doubt my favorite games of the time were the Dizzy games, which starred a summersaulting Egg who wears boxing gloves. During the sixteen-bit era I was a Megadrive owner although I also had access to the Super Nintendo’s library of classic games thanks to a video game loving uncle. Moving ahead to the current generation, I guess I could be described as a Sony fan boy, given how I have owned all of the Playstations they have put out. I have nothing against Nintendo or Microsoft, but I just find that Sony’s systems tend to have the best selection of JRPGs, which I have loved ever since discovering Final Fantasy 9.

Favorite animes: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Code Geass, Death Note

Favorite mangas: Gunslinger Girl, Gunsmith Cats

Favorite games: Persona 4 Golden, Disgaea, Fire Emblem

If you need to contact me, I can be reached on Twitter by clicking here.

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  2. Well, what do you know? Just read your About page and it seems like we’ve crossed paths before. We’ve both changed our secret identities though, which is why it’s taken a while for the penny to drop. You were Dentolux on Dooyoo, I was SWSt, the Guide for Video Games for around 5 years until the whole site became an usable mess and destroyed itself.

    • It’s a small world! I do recognize the monkey pic, although I just assumed you were someone else using that amusing photo.

      Yeah, it’s sad that Dooyoo died after that terrible redesign of the UK page. I still post reviews on its sister site (Ciao) although it looks like they are on their last legs too. Payouts are dwindling and the admins are getting strict on what new products you can suggest.

  3. Hiya, I just want to say thank you for following my blog and my ramblings. I appreciate it and I enjoy your reviews. I know I am what you would call a ‘silent follower’ I really do like your blog. Thus I have nominated you for The Blogger’s Story Award: http://bit.ly/1ROxqJC

  4. I am very intrigued by your blog that you have! I do enjoy reading the opinions of different otakus from around the aniblogging community, but I am curious about one thing in particular: why do you have a star-rating system? I understand that it is an easy way for fans to quantify and qualify how good an anime series is, but it isn’t necessarily a great way to express opinion. Since every person’s opinion is different, every person will have different numbers of stars for a series, making your rating system slightly inaccurate. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to bash on your writing; I’m just wondering why you do things the way that you do. I like to get different perspectives and get into the mindset of others.

    I was also wondering if you knew of any other websites like Dooyoo that “pay” writers to create reviews for their company? I would be extremely interested in that kind of thing, and would love to become involved.

    I’ll make sure to keep an eye on your blog, and keep up the good work!

    • I use five star ratings because that is the system Dooyoo used. Marks out of five work well for me anyway, as many critics use that scale. One is bad, three is okay and five is excellent. Percentage scores have too much of a range for my tastes. Is an anime rated 80% really any worse than something rated 83% for example?

      All that said, readers should always read the full review to understand why a writer enjoyed/disliked a series. The rating is just there for anyone who wants to quickly ascertain what I thought about the anime without trawling through all my waffle and terrible jokes 🙂

      Dooyoo is sadly no more. European reviewers can post stuff on their sister site http://www.ciao.co.uk to make some cash. Their payouts aren’t great though and dependent on people giving your articles a positive rating.

  5. Some good game reviews on this page. I think I better follow. 🙂 I recently played Gravity Rush, have you? If not, I totally recommend it.

    • Thank you very much for the subscription. I haven’t played Gravity Rush yet, but I plan too once I have enough time to clear my backlog of unfinished titles. I suppose I will go for the PS4 version over the Vita original.

      • I played it on PS Vita, but I think the sequel is going to be released for PS4 only. I might be wrong, though.

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  7. Hey, this was a fun read! Our favourite anime and games are, like, basically the same. Anyway, I’m going to send you a gift… it’s a Steam key for the game I made. I’m going to hide it somewhere on your site 🙂

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  21. Great to see your review blog and your story ! I’m interested in manga and anime (currently looking into the psychology genre). I see you have many reviews from mangas that I haven’t read yet but look interesting.

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    • My collection is probably too big. I buy things that I never finish or get round to playing. Then again gaming is my main hobby so most of my disposable income goes into that. Back when I was younger I would spend all that cash on drinks, during a night out, so games is a healthier/more productive investment 🙂

      • Oh I can see how it can get pricey going out drinking. I bet you got some hidden gems in your collection waiting for you to play! I will play those games for you 🙂

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  28. Although I’m not a fan of anime or video games at all, I did enjoy watching He-Man cartoons back in the day. And always looked over the shoulder of my classmates who had Dragonball Z comics in their hands. I always got a kick out of the scenes where the kid smashes into huge blocks and comes out perfectly fine – then zooms into battle again. Wish that was real life. Cuz who don’t wanna kick butt from time to time, ‘eh?

  29. Hello The Otaku Judge,

    I see that you are better at creating About Pages than me, and better at describing part of your life; well done.

    Product reviews for Amazon vouchers sounds nice, congratulations, and I liked reading about part of your journey with your interests in anime and gaming.

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

    • Thank you for checking out my About page. It was great writing product reviews, back in the day, as I would get compensated for sharing my opinions. Sadly none of the sites in question pay anymore, so now I just focus exclusively on this blog. To be honest it’s more fun over here at WordPress, as the community is friendlier and many of my readers share the same interests.

      • You are welcome The Otaku Judge.

        That is unfortunate, but I am glad that you are enjoying your new home here at WordPress.com and I hope that you are able to make some income here (I have never made any income here so far, but maybe it is time for me to buy a custom domain and apply for WordAds so that I can earn some income finally after all of these years).

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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